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Flexible Hose - Vulcano PU S1 - Woodworking - Dust

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10 / 03 / 2020
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1 Meter



Detail Flexible Hose - Vulcano PU S1 - Woodworking - Dust

Applications: woodworking, dedusting, vapours, small industrial cleaning and suction plants. Can be used as protection sleeve. Suction of dry food according to EU 10/ 2011.

Colour: transparent with coppered spiral

Temperature range: -40° C + 90° C / -40° F + 194° F

Features: Ester based PU duct reinforced with a coppered steel spiral.

Constant wall thickness 0, 4 mm for all the diameters. Very sturdy, flexible, and axially compressible ( about 5: 1) for easy handling and cost effective stocking and transporting. Resistant to abrasion, mineral oils, ageing, ozone and atmospherical agents. Halogen free, conform to RoHS, can be made antistatic in accordance with TRB S 2153 by grounding the spiral. Please contact our offices for more information

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